Experienced advisors for an evolving world

KEEN helps solve key challenges for organisations by offering services from our network of advisors and experts.

As energy markets and policies are in transition, business continuity and adapting to change is vital. Companies should be prepared, building operational resilience in order to reduce risk.

Unprecedented times necessitate robust scenario thinking to drive strategy and direction, and companies need to think through and prepare for wide ranging outcomes.

Specialists in your field

Our community of experts and advisors cover the whole value chain from production to downstream. We offer subject matter experts as well as senior executives at board level.

Our advisors and experts are available from an hourly consultation to longer term project work, temporary assignments within your organisations or advisory services to senior managers, senior executives or the company board.

Strategic partnership with Falcon Brook Search

KEEN have joined forces with Falcon Brook Search to enable businesses to access world class executive advisors to progress major high stakes projects without hiring commitment.

What we do

KEEN has a wide offering, from one-hour consultations to long term assignments. We work using video conferencing tools and when required we can place expert(s) in your organisation for a period or travel to you for meetings. You develop a brief on the issues you want us to elaborate on and we handpick expert advisor(s) with the relevant knowledge to assist you. We agree on a time slot for the development of a project offering or to arrange a one-hour advisory call.

Below are some examples of what we do.

Energy – our areas of excellence:

  • Renewables
  • Oil and gas
  • Exploration and production
  • Development and trends
  • Policies and regulation
  • Marketing and trading

How we can work together:

  • Expert one-to-one consultations
  • Advisory and consultancy services
  • Management decision support
  • Arbitration and contract support

Where we can contribute:

  • Marketing and trading strategies
  • Business development
  • M&A support
  • Competitor analysis