About KEEN

Experience counts!

All our executives have more than 30 years of experience in senior energy positions. KEEN will match you with executive advisors or subject matter experts with the relevant skills on short notice.

Senior energy executives and experts with a combined global reach and vast networks have joined KEEN, offering their unique insights and advice to KEEN’s clients. Through KEEN, our experts form a global network of independent and highly competent professionals.

Many experts have joined

In addition to our executives, more than 30 experts have joined our network. We also work with select niche consultancies. Our senior energy executives and experts will work with you, offering their expert insights and advice. We have experts at every level from board to analyst. Their knowledge and first-hand experience will accelerate your research and assist in your decision making.

  • Use us for insight and a second opinion before you make your decision.
  • Use us to fine-tune and shape your future expertise needs.
  • Use us to challenge your views during an hour of discussion.
  • Use us to assist in developing your strategy and execute on your business targets.
  • Use us to fill temporary gaps in your skillset or organisation.

Investing time with a KEEN expert may provide great advice before making a key company decision, or great saving before writing the scope for a large consulting requirement.

Our executives

Jon Ajaxson Larsen


Jon has work experience from the finance and energy sectors since 1980 in Oslo, Stavanger, London and Singapore.

Jon has held positions such as currency and commodity trader, trading manager, head of trading, global head of trading, director of trading, member of executive management committee and as a board member.

Jon, one of the founders of KEEN, is highly experienced in finance, oil, gas, electricity and emissions.

Bjørn R Jacobsen


Bjørn has 30+ years of experience from Equinor with senior executive positions within marketing, trading, strategy, planning and finance. From 2006 to 2013 Bjørn had the role of senior vice president for gas marketing, with responsibility for long term sales of pipeline gas and LNG.

From 2013 Bjørn was senior vice president for European trading of natural gas and power, and global trading of LNG. After leaving Equinor in 2015, Bjørn has worked as an independent energy consultant.

Rune Bjørnson


Since joining Equinor in 1985, Rune has held numerous senior management positions in Equinor’s natural gas business. From 2004 to 2011 Rune served as the executive vice president for Natural Gas in Equinor’s executive committee, responsible for all elements of global natural gas value chains.

This responsibility included marketing, trading, sales, shipping, and processing of pipeline natural gas and LNG from conventional resources in Europe and the Caspian region, and shale gas in the USA. From 2014 he headed up and was responsible for all Equinor’s global marketing and trading of crude oil, natural gas, oil products, power, and emissions.

Karin Sun Sanne

General Manager

After 20 years in oil industry management with Caleb Brett and Inchcape Testing, Karin changed focus to spend 10 years within Operational management including customer relationships, logistics prioritisation and delivery efficiency, budgeting and analysis for Coca Cola and Rema 1000. Finally, she started working in the start-up company Bassett to organise administrative functions, accounting and communication with clients.

In addition to our executives, we have over 30 experts ready to contact you about your inquiry.