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How to approach the energy transition and the impact on organisations is a key challenge to companies and policymakers. Through our web of advisors KEEN offers unrivalled advice to companies in the energy sector in their effort to ensure secure and reliable energy supply.

How would you like quick access to a multi-disciplinary team without adding stretched workloads, redeploying personnel, or recruiting new team members?

We can help with that!

Our advisors and experts offer support in your effort to accelerate results in the management of transformation, restructuring, integration and expansion.

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KEEN supports a range of companies and institutions in the energy sector. Our experts have extensive experience from production to marketing and trading. We offer support in areas like mergers and acquisitions, strategy development, organisational change.

Examples of projects include advisory to senior management and boards, company transition support, trader development and training, sales and purchase analysis, litigations.

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To use KEEN’s services please provide us with relevant information about your company and the issue you want to address. We will recommend the appropriate expert(s) to address your case. Please approach us by using the contact details on this website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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